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Whatever your travel style, we have a trip that will meet your needs—and give you an unforgettable, enriching experience. Explore our curated collections to find your next big adventure.


Explore collections by experience

Active Adventures

Get up close and personal with wildlife or just get moving. From walking and hiking to kayaking, snorkeling, diving and rafting, it’s easy to stay active wherever we go.

Arts & Culture

Discover and learn about the art, architecture, literature, music, food and wine of a region, with art historians, music scholars and literary experts leading the way.


Share your enthusiasm for travel and your love of learning with the whole family on one of our trips uniquely tailored for a range of ages and interests.

In-Depth Learning

Want to do a deeper dive? Travel to amazing locales where you’ll enjoy lectures, seminars and in-depth talks with scholars, peers and local experts.

Land Journeys

Take in the scenic landscapes and bustling urban centers as you make your way from city to city or across multiple countries on one of our immersive explorations.

Nature & Wildlife

See stunning vistas and spectacular wildlife with experienced trip leaders, and immerse yourself in the rich biodiversity of our shared planet.

Private Air

Soar over expansive landscapes, and take in all the sights as you make your way around the region with the comfort and convenience of jaunts on our own private plane.

Rail & Train

It’s about the journey and the destination when you travel by rail. Enjoy the charm of a cross-country adventure as you pass by historic landmarks and scenic pastures.

Sea & River Cruises

Experience a cruise like none other and see a totally different side of the cities, towns and scenic seascapes along the way.

Single City

Choose single-city travel, and you’ll get to know the ins and outs of what makes a place—its art, history, and culture—so unique.

Explore collections by region


See the pyramids, witness the Great Wildebeest Migration, and discover the various cultural, religious, and artistic traditions of this biodiverse region.


Learn about the geophysics of Everest, delve into the history of Southeast Asia, and explore the hidden gems of the largest and most populous continent.

Australia & the Pacific

Explore the Outback, swim in crystal-clear waters, and listen to stories of traditional Aboriginal culture and religion.

Central America & the Caribbean

Immerse yourself in ancient Mayan history, explore the coral reefs, and revel in the abundant terrestrial and marine life of this hotspot of biodiversity.


Cruise around the Baltic Sea, lose yourself in the history of Renaissance Europe, or go on a walking tour from rugged coast to bucolic countryside.

Middle East

Behold sacred archaeological sites, visit breathtaking monuments, and meet with journalists, students, and religious leaders in this geopolitical region

North America

From idyllic mountains and national parks to iconic cultural sites, discover the geographic wonders and rich history of North America.

Polar Regions

Search for wildlife among glittering icebergs and lush tundra, and discover the ethereal beauty of these northernmost regions.

South America

Witness ancient Incan ruins, see massive glacier fields, and encounter the vivid flora and fauna of the Galápagos Islands.

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