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Stanford Travel/Study offers one-of-a-kind trips to destinations all around the world, combining your love of travel and lifelong learning in a way you won’t find anywhere else.

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A month-long sabbatical in the cradle of the Renaissance

Live like a local and learn (or refine!) your Italian with language classes and on excursions in Florence and to Tuscany’s famous hill towns.



An expedition to the end of the Earth

Travel to South America’s southernmost region to explore towering mountain ranges, massive glacier fields, sapphire lakes and rugged coastlines.


West Africa

An exhilarating cruise from Ghana to Senegal

Gain an appreciation of and insight into the cultures and wildlife of seven spectacular West African countries as we cruise the coastline in a luxurious boutique ship.


Dutch Waterways

A river cruise through the Netherlands

Soak up Amsterdam's incredible art scene, then cruise the rivers and canals of Holland, visiting storied cities and taking in the idyllic countryside.


Danube River

Cruising a legendary European waterway

From Hungary to Slovakia, Austria and Germany, visit grand capital cities and quaint old-world villages, enjoying world-class art and music along the way.


Southern United States

The road to freedom through troubles and triumph

Visit significant sites in Mississippi, Arkansas, Tennessee and Alabama as we examine how the civil rights movement has shaped our country’s history.



A springtime walk through a storied land

Set out on foot past granite outcrops and through vineyards, bucolic pastures and thick woodlands to visit medieval towns, pilgrimage churches, and paleolithic rock art.



A springtime cruise to the Land of the Rising Sun

Embark on a scenic voyage of four islands of Japan, stopping to take in sacred temples, art museums, and the rural countryside.



A springtime sojourn through Japan’s alpine country

Attend the resplendent Aoi Matsuri Festival in Kyoto, see the best of Tokyo and venture off the beaten path by trolley, gondola and cable car into the Japan Alps.



A walk through the lush Emerald Isle

Explore centuries-old castles that line the verdant hills and stroll along craggy coastlines on a walking trip through Ireland.


Kenya and Rwanda

A wildlife adventure with a conservation focus

Meet with local communities and search for iconic wildlife in the grassy plains of the Masai Mara and for endangered mountain gorillas in the lush Virunga Mountains.



Soak in the spectacular and sun-drenched Amalfi Coast

On the dramatic western edge of Italy, explore glittering blue waters and cliffside towns dotted with colorful houses.



Ancient cities, archaeological sites and dramatic Cappadocia

Uncover the various layers of Turkey, from Neolithic settlements to current politics, traveling from Ankara to Istanbul by way of Ephesus and the Turkish Riviera.



A cruise through the Scottish Highlands and the Hebrides

Navigate the locks and canals that cut through the Scottish Highlands and sail to the Inner Hebrides, visiting charming coastal villages and ancient castle ruins.



An artistic and musical journey through Emilia-Romagna

Take a deep dive into the musical and artistic culture of the Renaissance while getting to know why this region is known as Italy’s gastronomical capital.


British Isles

A cruise through the waterways of Great Britain and Ireland

A feast for the heart and mind, this trip has in-depth study, local cuisines, and lush landscapes. The Sea Cloud Spirit, our home on the sea, is a three-masted beauty.

Create Your Own Private Trip

Did you know we also do custom trips? Any time of year, anywhere in the world, we can turn your dream adventure into your very own custom journey.

Combine the customization of a one-of-a-kind vacation, the expertise of Stanford faculty and the excitement of your favorite people by your side.

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