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A totally immersive experience

One of Travel/Study’s goals has always been to look at the world as a “virtual classroom,” where lessons in history, culture, nature, and science can be absorbed in the best way: firsthand. Within our unique Field Seminar format, Travel/Study joins forces with Sophomore College to provide an incredible academic experience for a mix of undergraduates and alumni. 

Our adventure begins with two days on the Stanford campus for an intensive crash course led by Professor Bill Durham on Darwin, evolution, and the remarkable “living laboratory” of the Galápagos Islands. We then fly to South America and travel aboard La Pinta to explore alongside some of the brightest young minds at Stanford today.


September 5–18, 2025


14 days

Minimum age

18 years

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Chasing wonder

Want to see what travel looks like when Travel/Study combines forces with the university’s Sophomore College program? Watch these travelers and students exploring together and pondering evolution and sustainability.

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