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Stanford Medal

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The Stanford Medal annually honors volunteer leaders with decades of distinguished volunteer service to the university.

Headshot of Stuart Burden

Stuart C. Burden, ’84

Stuart is a wonderfully inclusive leader who has given his time and talents to scores of university efforts and initiatives. A stalwart volunteer for the class of ’84, Stuart also served on the SAA’s Board of Directors for nine years -- including two as chair. Exceptionally dedicated and disarmingly modest, Stuart approaches his service with warmth, integrity, initiative, and a generous spirit.

Headshot of Michelle Galloway

Michelle Greer Galloway, ’87, JD ’89

Michelle demonstrates her unparalleled commitment to Stanford in every project she champions and every partnership she fosters. A key leader for the Law School, Michelle is a trusted and sought-after advisor to staff and deans alike. An extraordinary mentor to students and young alumni, Michelle’s collegiality and tireless, contagious enthusiasm for serving Stanford inspire fellow alumni to engage more profoundly with the university.

Headshot of Andy Howard

Andy Howard, ’98

Andy has distinguished himself as one of Stanford’s most extraordinary volunteers with his abounding passion and enduring dedication to the university. A key volunteer leader for the Office of Undergraduate Admission for more than 20 years, Andy has recruited and inspired legions of alumni volunteers and made a notable impact for Stanford in Southern California.

List of past recipients

Robert H. Piestewa Ames, ’51, JD ’54
Victor Arias, MBA ’82
Charles G. Armstrong, JD ’67
Bill Barnum, Jr., ’76, JD/MBA ’80
Juli Oh Browne, ’91
Young J. Boozer III, ’71
Kathryn Ko Chou, ’85, MS ’86
Michelle Clayman, MBA ’79
Linda Hawes Clever, ’61, MD ’65
Mary B. Cranston, ’70, JD ’75
W. Craig Falkenhagen, ’74, MS ’75, MBA ’89
Bernadine Chuck Fong, ’66, MA ’68, PhD ’83
Ivan K. Fong, JD ’87
Diane Fields Geocaris, ’72, JD ’75
Phil Halperin, ’85
Elwood “Woody” Howse, ’61, MBA ’70
George A. Jedenoff, ’40, MBA ’42
Sally Pollock Lannin, ’78
Goodwin Liu, ’91
Lloyd M. Metz, ’90
Gretchen Hartnack Milligan, ’73, MBA ’75
Woodrow A. Myers, Jr., ’74, MBA ’82
Angela Nomellini, ’75
Susan Coleman Oberndorf, ’78
Denise O’Leary, ’79
Vilma Kennedy Pallette, ’52
Lise A. Pfeiffer, ’75
Rowland K. “Reb” Rebele, ’51
Miriam Rivera, ’86, AM ’89, MBA ’94, JD ’95
Jesse T. Rogers, ’79
Beverly P. Ryder, ’72
Pam Rymer, LLB ’64
Jennifer Arnold Satre, ’71
Phil Satre, ’71
Bill K. Shen, ’98
Risa Shimoda, ’77
V. Joy Simmons, ’74
Sandy Smith, ’78
Jeffrey E. Stone, ’78
Gail Aguilar Stypula, ’59
Jim Ukropina, ’59, MBA ’61